Marathon Champion

Woodstock Runners – Male Marathon Champions

The Male and Female Marathon trophies were created as a novelty award in the late 1980’s by Michael and Virginia Oakley, two past members. They are awarded to the fastest Woodstock member (male/female) in any marathon who wore the Woodstock uniform in that event. That member retains the trophy until a member completes another marathon.

The list of our Female Marathon Champions is shown below:



Date Female Champion Marathon Time
7/10/2007 Deirdre Stewart Melbourne Marathon 4:04:51
23/09/2007 Larissa Tichon Sydney Marathon 4:43:07
9/04/2006 Bronwyn Suley Canberra Marathon 3:26:47
28/6/2002 Sarah Cooper Gold Coast 4:04:28
14/4/2002 Julia Fung Canberra 3:45:31
28/10/2001 Sarah Cooper Sydney 4:09:23
29/4/2001 Sarah Cooper Brisbane 4:11:11
30/4/2000 Roz Lloyd Host City Marathon,Sydney 3:55:41
11/4/1999 Deidre Stewart Canberra 3.47.14
8/4/1997 Monica Kiraly Canberra

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