TNT – Thursday Night Track (Interval Training Roster)

Here’s the updated information about TNT (Interval Training group) that happens on Thursday nights, coached by Level 2 Distance Running coach Martin Amy.

Sick of plodding along at the same old pace?
Want to do some speed work but hate doing it on your own?
Want a safe and secure venue away from traffic, concrete and wolf whistles?

Then TNT is for you!

Some benefits of Interval Training…

Teaches you pace – Timing your intervals helps you get a feel for your speed. Your body gets to know different paces and how to maintain a rhythm.
Increases your speed – It’s no mystery. You’ll get faster by running faster.
Raises your anaerobic limit – This is the point where your muscles fatigue at a faster rate. Increase the limit with this speed training and you’ll run faster for longer.
Improves your form – Your body learns to run more efficiently and relaxed while running faster.
Adds to your endurance – This training also builds your strength and stamina.
Throws in variety – Mixing some speed with easy runs, long runs and hills rounds out your training.
Monitors your progress – Record your number of intervals, times and recovery in your running log. Over time you’ll see improvements e.g. more reps, faster reps, shorter recoveries, etc
Boosts your confidence – It’s a challenge to pace yourself, run faster or just finish a speed workout. Feel good that you’re putting in the effort.
Prepares you for racing – Learning pace, completing a workout when you’re tired all helps you mentally and physically for racing.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of our ability level. We have had men and women runners aged from 15 to 80 participate, with many different paced groups. The sessions are easily modified to cater for all ages and abilities.

There is no cost for members! Cold drinks are supplied. Visitors including family and friends are welcome to try us out. Sessions range from hill repeats, fartlek training, pyramids, sprints and standard intervals. Open the attachment to view the sessions. Variety is the key to enjoyment!

Location details are: Campbell Athletic Field, part of Canterbury Park, Princess St Ashbury. Car park access is of Andrews Ave. Session starts at 6:30pm and are finished by 7:30pm.Why not come down and check us out! You won’t be disappointed.

For more information, contact Martin Amy on 0404 623 257

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