Sarah Waladan

Name: Sarah Waladan

What is your occupation? Lawyer, currently working in criminal law & policy

Running age group? 30-39

Do you have family? Yes, none in Sydney though; my parents are in Melbourne & extended family live overseas.

How long have you been a Woody? Since around July 08; although my Saturday morning attendance has been a little lax at times..

Do you run on Tuesday night/TNT/Saturday morning? Saturday mornings

Why do you enjoy running? It’s the best way to start a weekend; I love it! It makes me feel virtuous and refreshed all weekend. Plus the coffee and brunch at Bowen Island afterwards is great too.

What is your favourite running distance/course/event and why? City to Surf – the atmosphere is great.

What has been your running highlight? Getting fit enough to run a half-marathon while living in Canberra.

Any lowlights (injury etc)? No injuries; although I fell over once not far from the start of a 12km run and felt pretty terrible afterwards.

What was the last race you went in and how did you go? City to Surf – 76 minutes something seconds, just over the 75-minute cut-off!!

Anything funny/unusual ever happened to you while you have been out running? I don’t find many things funny at that time in the morning, but I’ve met some great people and seen some beautiful mornings.

What other sports/hobbies are you involved in? I’m not a big sports person, but I do love skiing and diving.

Favourite food/beverage? Persian/ Iranian food & wine (shiraz & Sav blanc)

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why? My family, all in the one place at the same time. Never happens!

Where would your ideal holiday be? Somewhere tropical, sunny and by the beach.

Favorite running shoe/Gadget? Why? Asics & velcro key holder that attaches to my shoe laces.

Interesting things we may not know about you? I migrated to Australia when I was 5.

Thank you Sarah for sharing! Hope you reach those next running goals soon! – Editor


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