Monday Night Track (MNT)

Hi Woodies!

Our Club’s fourth regular weekly session and second weekly track session now runs on Mondays!

Yes MNT (Monday Night Track) is upon us! So what is it? Well, it’s exactly the same as TNT, though it’s on a Monday and in a different location. The program will be the same for each week at MNT and TNT, so if you miss out on MNT you can do it at TNT or if you’re really in the need for extra speed ‘double-up’ each week! The Summer Calendar will be updated shortly, with the Winter Calendar developed, well, nearer winter time!

At MNT you will be coached by Accredited Athletics Australia Coaches, same as TNT currently is. With a variety of coaches in our Club, bringing their own unique and quirky ‘personal’ touch(es) to each session. I thank them for their existing and future voluntary work!

I’ve not planned 5km Warm-Up as there currently is at TNT, but you are more than welcome to use the Bay Run, or part of, to do your warm up. This may be looked at in the future as the session develops.

Time:  6:30pm-7:30pm. Please be there in goodtime as we will be getting going quick smart!
Location:  King George Park, Rozelle
Session:  Drills, Session, Warm Down, Stretches.
Access/Parking:  Via Manning Street. Parking should be available, though encourage public transport and/or car pooling!

This is a new venture for the Club and to be honest I’m not even sure how it will all work, so go easy on us for the first few sessions. Though if it gets half as crowded as TNT, it will be sure to help many with their running fix!

I do ask for the first few sessions, that to easily recognise the Club runners, as opposed to those running around the Bay, that you wear your Woodstock attire, so you’re easy to spot! So, all that’s left to say is Happy Running and see you on Monday! Any questions, feel free to give me a call!

Marty 0404 623 257

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