2014 Handicap Run #3 – 13 Sep 2014

Next Saturday 13 September will see the third installation of the 2014 Bay Run Handicap Series!

This is how it works: everyone estimates their own time for the 7km Bay Run loop. You are then racing to beat your own estimate. But don’t estimate too conservatively: anything more than 59 seconds faster than your estimate and you are disqualified!

Purpose is to challenge yourself a bit, but also to be a good gauge of your pace – no watches are allowed. Series points will be on offer, so estimate carefully.

You will be issued with a start time and bib no. We will email a list of start times once the estimates are in. But as a guide to when you’ll be starting, everyone will be scheduled to finish at 8:15am. So whatever time you estimate, subtract that from 8:15am.

Please email your estimated time by no later than Thursday 11 September 2014 to bayrunhandicap@woodstockrunners.org.au. If you are not sure whether you’re going to run, please email through your time anyway. It is trickier to add people on the day than it is to take them out.

There will be prizes for place-getters and of course the lucky draw prize! After the run we will enjoy a BBQ at Brett Park.

There is a entry fee of $2 for members and $5 for non-members. Please bring your fee with you to the start line.

Bay Run Handicap Team

PS: We are looking for volunteers to help out on the day with handing out bibs and timekeeping, so if you cannot run but would like to help out and receive some series points send us through an email. Ta!

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