Handicap Results – 16th February, 2013

Hey All,

Top work to all Handicappers, who powered around the Bay on which were near perfect running conditions!

First up – special thanks to Vollies, – Di, Kevvie, Maree which make it all possible, especially timer Di and BBQ-er Kevvie, have it on good authority they were ‘horse-free’ sausages!

Congrats to Julian, Mary and Hilary for places and top points! A great way to start the Series and put yourself in a good points position for future events.

Excellent estimating by Greg Marsh, with the speedster awards going to Dave and Fiona.

Thanks to all those who got their times in before Thursday, and making life easier!

If anyone is keen to help with timing for the next event (late April), be great to have your help!

Until April with lower estimating and more speed!

El Prez

Link to results

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