Handicap Event #3 – 14/7/2012

In this Handicap event, Colin Townsend, Kazuaki Takahashi & Kerry Bray took the first three places.

There were 5 Handicap PB’s set this time.

Mark Mercieca 32:15 0:50 Handicap PB
Fiona Day 33:51 0:30 Handicap PB
Angela Haynes 38:55 0:25 Handicap PB
Frank Hidvegi 31:55 0:19 Handicap PB
Calli Brown 35:41 0:01 Handicap PB

The fastest male was Mick Cantley (25:33)
The fastest female was Chaia Patacsil (32:34)

The full results are attached here

From left – Dot Siepmann, Lesley Maher, Deirdre Stewart, Martin aAmy, Barry Cole, Sandra Bogun, Brendan Davies


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