Handicap – Bayrun – Round 2

Well on a brisk wintery morning, 29 harden souls arrived for the second Installment of the 2013 Bay Run Handicap Series. Organised chaos prevailed, but most got off on time, thanks to Chaia, El Marie and Disco!

As 8:10 approached, further assistance arrived in the form of Phil Coote’s better half – Ivy, phew!

Apparently, for 13 out of the 29 runners “pace/time awareness” may has gone into winter hibernation as they came in greater than 59secs before their estimated time and were DQ’d, resulting in fewest points! Far too conservative estimations me thinks!

Though in this Instalment top Series points went to Ciara who was 45secs below her estimated time, with 2nd and 3rd going to Tony (24secs under) and Lesley (17secs), respectively. Fiona Day was closest to her estimated time (8secs) and Hilary having won the Lucky Draw prize can add a new piece of Woodstock bling to her wardrobe!

Apologies to Lesley for pulling out only half a bottle of wine. The other half I have been reliably informed was not drunk that morning, though Disco will be able to confirm!

As always, a massive thank you to all those who Volleyed in the morning, those helping with timing and Kevvie on the BBQ, always taken for granted, but so always needed.

So, as we head into the 3rd Installment, where all times will be received well before due date (he writes in a dream-like state), Tony is on top, with a bit of a lead, though it only takes a good estimation to jump ahead of the pack. With the 3 best point scores going to the final table, there is definitely all to play for!

So see you all at the end of August, for the H3, where I’ll be monitoring Disco’s liquid intake….



Overall Results


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