Bay Run Handicap number 4: Halloween Handicap!!

The fourth and last Bay Run Handicap of the year. A 7km race around the bay followed by a BBQ breakfast in the park.

Once a year we do it in dress up to celebrate Halloween. We’re a week early this year due to some clashes on the next weekend, but that’s not going to stop us!!

>> Runners who have run in a Handicap race during the last three years have been allocated a Handicap based on previous performance, and can find their start time here:

>> If you do not have a Handicap allocated you can still run. You will start at the default time of 7:30am. You will only be eligible for default points for this race, but you will receive a new Handicap after the race to use in the next race

>> We request a $2 donation to receive your bib which helps fund the BBQ and gives us something to nag people about

You can RSVP on Facebook

Remember to look up your start time link above, and plan to arrive 20 minutes early on the morning.

See you there!


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