Deirdre Stewart

Name: Deirdre Stewart

What is your occupation? I work for the Department of Planning, managing the acquisition of land for parks and rail projects.

Running age group? 45-49!

Do you have family? No children, lots of nieces & nephews – all the good fun without the trouble patches!

How long have you been a Woody? About 15 years I think.

Do you run on Tuesday night/TNT/Saturday morning? Saturday morning although I note more time is spent in the coffee shop than running.

Why do you enjoy running? Great friendships and your world is always brighter after a run.

What is your favourite running distance/course/event and why? Favourite race is the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon – I love the course and the distance.

What has been your running highlight? Finishing fun runs in a time you are happy with is always a highlight. One of the best events I’ve done is the King Island Imperial 20 – great fun.

Any lowlights (injury etc)? For the time I’ve been running I’ve been lucky – no major setbacks.

What was the last race you went in and how did you go? Canberra Times 10k in September. Time was bad and hobbled back to the hotel after – due to an achillies injury (I probably shouldn’t have run the race!)

Anything funny/unusual ever happened to you while you have been out running? Nothhing particularly rememberable.

What other sports/hobbies are you involved in? I got a kayak earlier this year so I’m keen to do lots of paddling. I’m also trying to swim and do yoga for cross training.

Favourite food/beverage? Chocolate!

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why? No one really springs to mind – love dinner with friends and family – its always chaotic but very enjoyable.

Where would your ideal holiday be? New York – to run the marathon! Or Athens to run the Athens Classic marathon!

Interesting things we may not know about you? I love watches – I have about 9 and I wear them all!

Thank you Deirdre for sharing, at last we got it done ;-P. – editor

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