30/08/12 – Thursday Night Track – 5km Time Trial!

It’s that time again to pit your training and speed against the clock, for the fourth and penultimate installment for the 5km Time Trial Series 2012. It’ll happen this coming Thursday (30/08/2012).

With City to Surf out of the way and plenty of races upcoming, this will also be a good test of your metal!

Location = Campbell Oval…  Race Time = 6:45 sharp, so be there in good time to warm up!  After Party = 8:00pm = Crocodile Farm Hotel.

If you can’t make the race, though thinking about it, if you started work half an hour earlier on Thursday you should be able you to leave 30mins earlier, so excuse dealt with!!! Though if you really can’t, why not rock up at the Pub to discuss upcoming races, fall out from the Birthday Party and of course ideas for future tours! By all means bring your better halves along.Entry =$2 – members$5 – non-members. PLEASE make sure you bring the gold coin from your car to the Oval!!

It is super tight at the top, with four points separating the top 6! Attached is current Series scores. So, with 25 points on offer to the best, it should make it an interesting night! The results are based on an age-graded system, so fear not about being the overall quickest! The young pups don’t get so much advantage from the system, so all are in with a shot!

If you are definitely racing, or not too sure, please LET ME KNOW ANYWAY! The system at the moment is that it is easier to remove people on the night than add them!!



Would be VERY, VERY, VERY grateful if you could reply ASAP. NO LATER THAN TUESDAY 29/08/2012.

It makes my life so much easier, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not rock up on the night as it takes a lot to organise these things and is so messy for all Vollies helping out. Leading into, and asking for anyone who is unable/not planning to race/has a running widow, VOLLIES are needed to help with lap counting and timing. Not least also to encourage your fellow Woodies! If you’re able to help that would be awesome, again please let me know. You’ll get special mention and thank you, not least Km’s for Logbook awards! So all that is left is for you to reply!

EL Prez

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