2013 – Canberra Marathon Training

Hey All,

Attached is a calendar for some Long Sunday Runs, in build up to the Canberra Marathon on April 14. Starting next week (13th January 2013), though even if you’re not training for that you can still run! Apologies for late arrival of program!

The routes are relatively simple, but on the same token having done them all recently are in some parts relatively challenging. This is due to Sydney’s undulating topography.

Plus, having experienced Sydney’s glorious weather recently, the times have been revised somewhat. I.e. Start times are earlier. However, it is more about time on your feet, so have a look at route and distance and then gauge what Group you want to be in. I’ve sort of nominated the likely maximum time you’ll be out on your feet. As mentioned last year, there is a certain level of respect to your fellow members, so as not to prejudice their own running.

As for the mundane stuff, please have a look at the notes (especially keep an eye out for Cronulla) and the selection criteria. Similar to a job application, you must meet the essential and then try to meet desirable.

Finishing points shall be at the cafes, so if you’re not able to make the run or are on an alternate program, it would be great to hear and chat about it at the Finishing Café.

If anyone is keen to help your other members by doing some pacing and/or with the Bag Drop offs, please let me know!

El Prez










  1. I’ll look at any comments and try to respond as soon as possible. But most likely in evenings! Happy training!

  2. Frank Hidvegi

    Hi Marty, I’ll take a group out at 5;30 to 6;30min/km if required

  3. Awesome buddy, thanks very much! If you’re able to set yourself up for the 20km on Sun to take Group 2 that would be mega!

  4. Mickey A is right. Will try and sort maps soon…..

  5. count me in for the slower group 3 6.30-7k cheers

  6. TW, all will be well. Acquaint yourself with route….

    Think they’ll be about 6-7 of us. Naturally, the whole purpose of it, is breakfast afterwards!

  7. What time are we leaving for the Sunday long run

  8. @FD 5:30am meet….. @MA thanks mate!

    Bring water!

  9. Thanks Marty

  10. Great work this morning WMT (Woodstock Marathon Training) team! Tad sweaty, but all completed which bodes well for future training runs.

    If anyone has any questions about what to bring along on the runs, Fiona Day has been given the honour of – Runner of the Week, bit like employee of the month at McDonalds, because she brought everything on the checklist! Most important is water, gels etc. Use the runs to test out things if wish….

    Some questions about the Point to Point runs. As per program, these are Bag Drop Runs. Means you’ll have to drop a bag to me by Thursday for the Sunday Run. The bag should have anything that you need for after the run. Bear in mind we’ll be having breakfast after the run at a cafe. ****Cronulla Run**** You will need to confirm breakfast with Kerry when time comes (they’ll be limited spaces for breakfast, so first in best dressed!)

    Thanks very much to Frank (Fraaaaaaaaaaaank), Joe, Angela for leading groups.

    Any feedback, ideas for your fellow Runners feel free to post on here. El Prez

    Ps. Look forward to seeing Elizabeth Street again!
    Pps. There is a vicious rumour that the Woodstock Marathon Training (WMT) post on Facebook may be taken down, with this thread the point of reference for WMT. As said on Facebook, this is to stop funnier things being bumped on Facebook, and as some people aren’t on Facebook.

  11. See you Sunday 5.30am Kath.

  12. OK Kids,

    25km on Sunday. Map on above, please get to know! Remember all gear (water!). If coming along please let me know. So can sort groups…. See you on Sat too! El Prez…

  13. I will be running tomorrow but would rather just do 20 please

  14. If you’d like to do 20, meet at same time and then do same route as last time. There may be someone in same boat…

    Am pretty sure though that you’ll be ok for 25km…. Pretty sure meaning that you can…. May be just an immediate reaction to doing a minute less than last year…

  15. Excellent efforts Team, particularly in conditions, though rather that than stinking hot. You kept a good pace throughout. Next week is our first outing to Suburbia – Parramatta.

    Map will be uploaded shortly. It’s a nice, easy flat run, with limited traffic issues. It takes us to a great little spot in Parramatta Park. Will aim to arrive there at 8:30am-9:00am, will eat and head back to be back by 10:00-10:30am.

    If anyone is keen on just meeting us there, by all means!

    Watch this space for map!


  16. Hi Team!

    A great listen about where you should be, to go and where not to go!


    Episode 159

    Also for a bit of intrigue of marathon finishes check this out!


    Hope you rested up well. Try to manage runs ok in wet weather. Be safe underfoot!


  17. Hey All,

    The Marathon Training program heads into Week 4, and this Sunday we head to Parramatta, with the idea to basically run somewhere to have brekkie (Parramatta Park Cafe). Fair play to those who came out last week in the rain, have it on goo authority that it wont rain this Sunday?!

    The route is fairly easy and traffic-free. Attached is map of main points, but it’s along the Cooks to Olympic Park, over and along the northside of River, following cycle/footpath to Parrmatta Park.

    It’ll be about 2:45-3:30 on our feet, aiming to have brekkie at about 9:00am. So it’ll be a 5:30am leave from the Palace.

    So, having engaged a logistics expert for those running you will need to drop your gear at the Palace (what ever you need to change into at Parramatta) to then be taken to Parramatta Park, by Saturday midday.

    If you’re going to be running, you need to let me know by Friday 5pm, so I know I can expect the Palace to be a Community Clothing Bin on Saturday, but also so I can organise enough vehicles to then get us all back to the Palace. We will aim to be back at the Palace at 10:30am.

    If you’re keen just to have brekkie somewhere different, but with familiar faces, of course come to the Cafe.

    To make my life slightly easier and so am not checking multiple communication mediums. Can you please just reply to this email if –

    1. You’re running and having Brekkie.

    2. You’re having Brekkie

    3. You’re having Brekkie and able to assist with taking some gear to Parramatte and dropping some bodies back to the Palace

    Reason for Brekkie numbers, is that i’ll book.

    So all up, it is slightly out of our usual domain, but will be fun to travel somewhere different and in the company of your fellow Woodies.

    Look forward to an Inbox overload!

    El Prez


  18. PS – Map for Parramatta run is in the main post above.

  19. Hey Team!

    10 confirmed for breakfast at Parra Park.

    Bags all sorted and ready to meet us there! Rest those legs up, get water packs ready. It looks as though it’ll be perfect for running tomorrow.


  20. Hey Runners,

    Leave at 5:30am tomorrow morning, remember your water! We shall be using this run for a bit of a tempo session. So we will be looking at ‘upping’ the pace when we hit the Cooks.

    Weather seems to be again perfect for running – http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/sydney.shtml

    Rest those legs up!


  21. Hey Team,

    This week we go a little bit extra to 30km. Make sure you have everything packed (Hydration pack/water belts). Please print out a map and bring it along as it may be that you’ll be running some parts in small groups. Please remember that we’ll all trying to achieve something, so come prepared to put your running faces on and keep up the pace. When we hit the Cooks it will be same as previous weeks. If not done so already, put name down for Cronulla Breakfast.

    See you on Sunday!